Sailors Gourmet Catering

Sailors Gourmet Catering

Fresh Fish Pouches gently deboned, filet of fresh locally caught fish & garden grown organic veggies, carefully pre-seasoned and packaged in foil for easy on the grill, all in one cooking in only 10 minutes.              

60 USD for 2(min)         Qty(# of people)= _______

Pork B-B-Q Baby Back Ribs with Jack Daniel’s B-B-Q SauceCarefully Slow cooked and wrapped in foil ready to be finished on the B-B-Q  in only 10 minutes time. Comes with our own special “Jack Daniel’s” B-B-Q sauce on the side.           

75 for 2      Qty=_______

Butcher Choice Ground 6oz Burgers Pre-seasoned and pattied, ready for your B-B-Q. We include some bacon and cheddar cheese to add as you please. Lettuce, tomato and our Bakery made buns are all packaged separately to stay fresh for you.        

35 for 2      Qty=_______

Stuffed Chicken Breast Rouladespecially seasoned boneless, skinless, chicken breast stuffed with fresh spinach, cream cheese and bacon. Carefully packaged in foil and ready for the grill. Cook time is only 15 minutes. Comes with our own special spicy guava sauce to top off.                                                     

60 for 2         Qty=______

Bolognese Traditional classic Italian style made with red wine and choice select ground beef. Slow cooked and simply ready to re-heat. Comes with whole wheat pasta. The whole meal cooks in 10 minutes.                                                                   

45 for 2        Qty=_______

Spicy Veg Marinara Classic slow cooked Marinara with fresh basil, roasted sweet peppers, onion, garlic and marinated tomatoes. Comes with whole wheat pasta. The whole meal cooks in 10 minutes.

45 for 2        Qty=_______

Marinated- Seasoned Chicken BreastsCarefully marinated and chef seasoned, pounded flat for fast easy preparation on the grill. Can be used by it-self or over salad, pasta, or as a sandwich.

 45 for 2        Qty=_______

Meals are packaged with sailing in mind. Easy to prepare outside so as not to heat up the saloons. Restaurant gourmet meals made to be enjoyed on-board.  Chef A.J. recommends using egg-bread when ordering other provisions as it fairs better at sea. Please feel free to contact Driftwood directly for any special requests or other ideas. Catering orders can be made through Barefoot Yacht Charters at the time of booking for your convenience.

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